Friday, December 24, 2010


EyePal+Aperture+Sighting+System,+The+perfect+vision+solution+for+Archers+and+Iron-sight+shooters,approved for CMP National Match competition, 2 pinholes/kit, good to 800 yds, re-usable, 100% perfect vision OYMB, made in Boxborough MA USA, $39.95 + $2.25 S&H. Charlie 978-635-9162

EyePal®Aperture, Iron Sights and Bow sights

Have you ever had a deflection off of that twig or branch that you didn't see? In both the Iron-sight shooter and bow communities, vision challenges are more prevalent than many want to admit. The fix is the EyePal® Aperture Sighting Kit and it is super easy to use on prescription and safety glasses. If you have contacts, EyePal fits perfectly on your safety glasses, too. Clears up 98% of common vision troubles. No more fuzzy vision. See what you've been missing. Won't work with a scope and but no scope is needed because you get a scope sight picture with an aperture!