Wednesday, May 11, 2016

EyePal and the SEO challenge

It seems from what I understand that in order to have some markteing success in the Social Media realm, EyePal needs to have thousands of followers, likes, pins and other connections to gain presence. Also, I may be wrong in my thinking, too.

And since I don't have the skill sets and time to obtain them, I'm considering paying a commission for each EyePal kit sale generated through the website cart page. There must be a method where a revenue stream can be created through SEO services provided by those who know how to implement a program.

If you have an idea how it can be done and are interested in revenue sharing through a commission basis, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Charles L Summers

Resident Artist Studio, LLC
438 Hill Road
Boxborough MA 01719 USA

978-635-9162 (O&Fax)
978-844-3944 (C)

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